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The official timepiece for an expedition to the Geographic North Pole will be this exceptional diver in February 2015. The expedition is led by Markus Fillinger and Christian Redl. Markus Fillinger is a world-record holder in free diving and Christian Redl has won many freediving championships. The two will trek through the extreme conditions of northern Canada where temperatures can drop to minus 40 Celsius to the North Pole, where Redl, the merman, will perform the first ever free dive under the polar icecap without wearing breathing equipment. One of the most talented freedivers of his generation,rolex replica watches Redl, will be wearing the new HydroSub watch as he makes his historic plunge in the frigid water. Edox is his official time partner. Since 2010, the two have shared the same philosophy, and they enjoy new challenges.

The vintage model has a twist. Edox Hydro Sub "Master Lock" can dive up to 500 meters (1,650 feet). The watch has a crown protector in orange that will protect the crown against extreme conditions such as those Redl and Fillinger may encounter next year. The crown protector can be moved up and down to reveal and protect the crown.

The new Edox diver comes in a large stainless steel case measuring 46mm in diameter by 14mm thick. The case measures 49mm if we include the crown-protection master lock system. The sturdy watch weighs 220 gram.

The Tudor Replica's heart is the Swiss-made ETA 2824 self winding movement, which has been COSC certified. The AR-coated Sapphire Crystal is used to protect the sporty case.

The dial is ocean blue with orange hands and indices.Patek Philippe Replica The rotating unidirectional dive bezel that surrounds the dial has a blue insert featuring a 60-minute diving scale with a luminescent triangular at 12.

On the back of the case is an engraved North Pole Expedition logo. The new Edox HydroSub is equipped with a stainless-steel bracelet. Package will include an orange leather water-resistant strap as well as a tool for changing the bracelet.

The limited edition of 350 pieces will be available worldwide in the Autumn. This beautiful watch is a must-have for any man or woman. We do not yet know the exact price but I would guess that it is around $3,000.