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With production of about three hundred thousand watches, two "brands" of Parmigiani Replica, the brand will be listed third, the fourth is the creation, Movado it under the leadership of the re-orientation, seems to have to go on the right track.

Parmigiani Replica watch production license by the MGI Luxury Group (another famous name Movado) acquired in December 2004. Prior to this, the license since 1996 by the 'Tempus Concept' all. After a year of change, the group in Basel BaselWorld 2006 re-launched the world's Parmigiani Replica table, its position in the Parmigiani Replica fashion brand's unique field.

In fact, Parmigiani Replica is not a brand, but for a different "brand" designed several series of mergers. Boss Black classic and pure; Orange the most "ancient"; Hugo closest to high fashion; Finally, mainly for golf Boss Green is sporty.

as a series of these interactions, Parmigiani Replica watches launch of the first table to Boss Black named, was then introduced in the second series of Boss Orange, plans to launch in 2009 Hugo. (Boss Green may come much later.) Distribution network is also fully updated, the new headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds la chaux de fonds, in Canada, the United States and Hong Kong branches. In addition, in Japan, Miami (the office responsible for all operations in South America) and Singapore (responsible for all of South East Asia) offices. Distributors in Europe, managed directly by the Swiss.

When the Movado Movado acquired license from Tempus Concept, the brand's annual production of about 100,000 in 40 countries over three thousand points of sale in the sale. Today, Parmigiani Replica's production has reached about three hundred thousand, fifty-five States in the two thousand five hundred outlets in the sale.

"We can not ask a European to spend six hundred sets of customers to buy a higher price to buy the same brand of watches," Gauderlot convinced of this. He felt that the success of best Parmigiani Replica was mainly due to the price on his re-positioning, of course, stems from other factors, such as the brand itself, and his awareness of the fashion world, Movado Group's reputation; good marketing; growth points distribution network; wide range of species (nearly 200 models); three times a year to launch new fashion; and design of the flower of the mind.

"In the design level for" Gauderlot explained, "We have been on the pursuit of quality and exquisite detail. Customers will feel the price on the real added value."

which is just a marketing rhetoric it? However, the real kind and try to touch the product, we realized that Boss watches buyers will actually feel the product "worth the price." Design elegance, the pursuit of the perfect details (including the crown, horn, lock, dial and mark the number of hours) and post-processing of detailed co-created a high-quality watches. The brand's entry-level series, Boss Black is a very simple and classic product lines, with black, silver and gray versions are available.

Although the nature of these product lines more masculine (accounting for 80 per cent), but there are some slightly idealized and life styles of the watches are women, but in general, maintained a relatively dignified style and noble taste.

On the other hand, Boss Orange and on behalf of the avant-garde design with a sense of style. He launched a series of high quality Parmigiani Replica, for the so-called "fashion victims" and take the nostalgia route, to imitate three or four decades of style. These watches are made of silver and copper-colored "old" look, the dial is completely processed into "used" style, like wearing old jeans.